Welcome to Högsbyn's Eco-farm!

We Margareta Dalbert and Anders Lindeberg, have a farm with cows and sheep. In the summertime we also have our three little cottages for rent. Our farm is located right by the lake Råvarp, which is part of the Dalslands canal. You can take a swim and do some fishing when ever you want.


Except cows and sheep there are calves, cats and a dog on the farm. Just a five minute walk from the farm, there are rock-carvings from the Bronze Age. Shop etc. 5 km.
We hope you will come and enjoy Högsbyn and it´s surroundings. Welcome!
Margareta & Anders

Point at the buildings in the picture to see where the cottages are situated. Click on them if you want to know more about them.

Margareta Dalbert o Anders Lindeberg
Phone: +046 (0)531-430 88 Cellular: +046 (0)70-512 48 54
Email: info@hogsbyn.com